What Is The Difference Between Self Worth and Self Esteem?

Published: 22nd April 2009
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What Is The Difference Between Self Worth and Self Esteem?

The journey towards greater self awareness is long and trying at times but undeniably fulfilling as you proceed. The more self aware you become, the greater your ability to navigate and appreciate the complex human interactions you encounter in your life and handle them to your benefit. One of the key areas of knowledge that is essential to understand on your journey is the difference between self worth and self esteem. While many confuse the two, in fact they are quite different.

The best way to think of self worth is to think of how much you feel you 'deserve' something. Many highly capable and talented people sabotage themselves or don't reach their full potential because deep down inside they don't feel they truly 'deserve' what it is they are trying for. Much of 'self worth' has to do with our subconscious feelings of if we have truly 'earned' something.

Our upbringing and the environment in which we are raised can also play a big part of making us feel either 'worthy' of success and accomplishment or not. While self worth can be changed, it is through hard work and a gradual process where we put the time and effort in and develop the self-competence and 'sweat equity' in whatever it is we are pursuing. The goal of course is to develop a life in which you are truly in sync with your self worth and that it is aligned with your goals thereby permitting yourself to achieve your full potential.

Self esteem on the other hand is more immediate and temperamental. One's self esteem can change from moment to moment or hour to hour based on more superficial things such as how we look on a particular day or how we're dressed. If we perform well in a certain situation or are commended or accomplish a challenging task, our self esteem can get a temporary boost. At the same time our self esteem can take a hit fairly easily as well if we fail at something or get rejected in some way. As can be seen, self esteem is more an hour by hour and situational kind of thing.

Of the two, it should be apparent that the underlying self worth is the harder and also more important to concentrate on and cultivate. Self esteem is certainly important but is more fickle in its nature. It's immediacy however makes it comparatively easier to fix and examining one's situations on a day to day basis to make sure you optimize your self esteem and avoid situations where it will get knocked is a good strategy to undertake.

Constant good self esteem can aid in the process of pursuing the improvement of self worth while frequently poor self esteem can get in the way. It is therefore important to understand the differences in them but to work on both simultaneously. Visit http://www.SelfAwareness101.com for more great articles and insight.

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